Right to rent? Landlord responsibilities
January 29, 2016

Under new regulations set to come into place from February 1st, all landlords will be required to check their tenants ‘right to rent’ as part of the Immigration Act. 

All adult occupants (18+) within a property must be checked by landlords before a tenancy agreement is signed, and must provide an original ID and Visa if applicable.

Landlords should follow these simple steps to ensure they are in accordance with the act: 

  • Check all adult tenants who will live in the property as their only or main home
  • Ask tenants for the original documents that show they have the right to be in the UK
  • Check the original documents with the tenant present and ensure they are valid
  • Make and keep copies of the original documents and record the date the check was made
  • Conduct follow up checks at the appropriate date if the initial check indicates a time-limited Right to Rent
  • Make a report to the Home Office if follow up checks indicate that an occupier no longer has the Right to Rent

If a tenancy agreement is offered to an adult who does not have the right to rent in the UK, a civil penalty of up to £3,000 can be imposed on the landlord. 

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