Valuations for a variety of purposes
January 13, 2020

Knowing the value of a property is a vital first step in selling a home, but an accurate valuation is used in a wide range of situations – as we know well at Hawkesford.

Shared Ownership Valuations

In our world of rising property prices, many people are turning towards shared ownership to get on the first rung of the housing ladder. Hawkesford are pleased to offer shared ownership or shared equity valuations as part of our professional portfolio of services. Our team can provide a market value for the sale of a shared ownership property or for the  purchase of an additional percentage share in your home – known as staircasing. Shared ownership often involves a Housing Association, who generally have specific rules around using a RICS registered surveyor. Here at Hawkesford, we have staff who are qualified to support you through the process.

The majority of our valuations are to help people on their way to selling a home on the open market, but our knowledge, experience and professional qualifications can also be called upon to inform other valuations such as divorce agreements, taxation calculations, and probate cases.

Matrimonial Valuations

Matrimonial valuations are used in divorce or separation agreements and help courts decide how the couples assets are split. Both parties agree on appointing the valuer and the report is often supplied directly to the court. 

Probate Valuations

After a death, family or executors will need a probate valuation to help determine any tax liability. The HMRC recommends people use a professional surveyor like Hawkesford to carry this out on behalf of a family. Find out more about how we do this sensitively and professionally in a previous blog

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