Celebrating 25 years of service
December 4, 2018

We’re delighted to recognise 25 years of service from Carol Pare our Accounts Manager.

She started working for us in 1993. Since then much has changed for Carol, her daughters were 10 and eight when she started, she now has grandchildren aged 6 and 3. 25 years ago all records were manual including handwritten payslips. When people came in to request property details they were photocopied with the photos stuck on!  The office building itself has been through a number of changes over the years.

Today, there’s still plenty of paper in the office, but far more electronic records and transactions as Carol keeps all of our accounts running smoothly.

When Carol started here in 1993 Jurassic Park, The Fugitive and The Firm were the year’s top films. Mr Blobby and MeatLoaf’s I’d Do Anything for Love were the biggest chart toppers. The average house price was just £50,128.  That year’s best selling Christmas toy was the Talk Boy – as seen in Home Alone – it recorded and replayed voices.

Films, music, toys, and house prices are quite different this year, but what hasn’t changed is Carol’s kind, helpful, and cheerful nature.

“She is fantastic to work with and has been a constant through many changes in Leamington, the world of estate agency, and some difficult times for us. Carol was a great help and support after the death of my father and the transition to my becoming managing director. I’m truly grateful for all the hard work that Carol has done over the last 25 years and am delighted to still have her as a member of the team, said James Hawkesford.

2018 has perhaps been the most eventful of Carol’s years with us. She was part of the team that took part in Santa Rocks Snowdon, and unfortunately injured herself on the way down. We’re pleased to say she is fully recovered now.  Thanks again to Carol for all her hard work.